In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" -Coco Chanel
Buckinghamshire based brunette with a beauty blog. I like to write about all things Fashion, Beauty and Life related. I've had a passion for fashion and beauty for as long as I can remember and have had several wonderful jobs within the beauty industry. I have worked as management for the rather wonderful brand Benefit Cosmetics and also managed an independent business with The Body Shop at Home.

I decided to start Project Flawless as a place to honestly talk about experiences and products, I think that a blog is the only place you can truly be honest about something without having companies or brands expect something of you i.e. If you're reading a review in a magazine, how do you know it is 100% accurate? Of course they'll say something good about the product, the brand has asked them too! At least with blogging there is no one breathing down your neck for you to give a positive review. If a product isn't fantastic I like to say so, it feels unjust giving false reviews on products meaning consumers are pretty much throwing their money away when they decide to go and buy it for themselves.

I like to write about products I think are beautiful, exciting and brilliant, as well as giving honest reviews to the products which aren't so good. I also like to find alternative for the high end beauty market with more purse-friendly high street beauty products. Everyone has days when they can afford to splurge a bit, and more often then not, nowadays people are having to watch their pennies so I believe that you still need to look and feel fabulous while on a budget.

Please note that all views on this blog are personal and are not the views of any of the brands that I may mention.

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